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Our Story

Buona Sera! Welcome to Poesia

Poesia is a dream come true that his founder achieved with love and passion. The dream to bring the smell and the taste of his own roots to the "land of opportunities", where it's easier to turn a dream into reality.

Poesia is Francesco's dream, that welcomes you when you go up the stairs and enter the restaurant. That inexplicable feeling that penetrates you immediately as you understand to be a welcome guest. Poesia is his crafty eyes full of the passion of the person who knows that in order to be successful you have to love deeply your job. Poesia is this image left unchanged throughout the years. Poesia is to feel home because the smell of the cooking is unmistakable, so rich, colorful, abundant. Poesia is this sense of wellbeing that you feel once you pass that door, knowing that magically everything will be harmonic. Poesia is the rhythm of your feelings that passes through the good food and syncronize with the fantastic people that every night meets in the restaurant. Poesia is to feel with family even though you are surrounded by people from all over the world. Poesia is the recipes taken directly from Francesco's mother's book. Poesia is the friendly staff, always ready to share their Italian way of being with you. Poesia is to have always something more than you expect.


Francesco D´lppolito

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“A Tavola non si invecchia mai…”

Francesco d’Ippolito dreamed of creating Poesia when he was a young boy and took his first job making cappuccino at a neighbor’s cafe. Decades later, floating on the Mediterranean Sea in Calabria one Summer with a friend,  he began systematically, step-by-step to make his dream a reality. What would it take to bring the magic of the Italian coast to San Francisco? The warmth of the Italian kitchen, the fresh flavors and light-hearted air? Since 2008, San Francisco is home to Poesia. Nestled in the vibrant and colorful neighborhood of the Castro, Poesia Restaurant, is a dream come true.